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One Year Bible Schedule

January 1
February 1

Read from Day 1-365

Read the Bible in One Year!
In this Bible reading schedule you will read from both the Old and New Testament each day, finishing the New Testament in nine months, and the Old Testament three months later. For each day on your reading schedule, feel free to click on "Notes by Éric L Farrell" to read my personal Bible notes for that day's scriptures. -ÉL Farrell

Four very important suggestions:
  1. Print out your reading schedule and keep it in your Bible. This will help you stay on track. If you don't have a Bible, you can click on the passage to read a free online version.
  2. Print out the Chapter Check-off, and always check off each chapter after you read. This will help you continue reading if you ever get off track or skip around.
  3. Read at your very first opportunity each morning. This will help save you from falling into the pitfall of nightfall (bedtime sneaks up on you and you're too sleepy to read).
  4. Diligently read whether you feel like reading or not.

" ye first the Kingdom of God..." -Matthew 6:33
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