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    Some of my previous emails may have gone undelivered by my email service, so I'm including them here as well, which include Bible reading tips (Sword Tips).

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  • MormonThink (This website goes in depth with a few detailed explanations about Mormonism and the testimony of Joseph Smith, and is written or compiled of writings or testimonies by Mormons and Ex-Mormons.)
  • The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons (A Sister in Christ and I read this book and thought the author did a decent job presenting good questions and good Bible-based suggestions in today's world.)
  • Touch of Christ (homeless guy walked up and gave me a brand new copy of this book at my booksigning, which happened to be the much more complete story of her first book, which I'd already read. It's the true story of one woman's escape from the chains of Islam.)
  • Church Stewardship & Tithing Report
  • Hollywood and God (found this site while researching why most Hollywood movies use the word "God**mn!")
  • E&W Collaborations (an online Christian ministry Will & I started in 1998 with our poetry)
  • Commentary on Galatians (a powerful little book I read by Oliver B. Greene)
  • Possessed Musicians (This is something we should at least think about.)
  • Open Clarity (This brother often reflects on our social perspectives, responsibilities, and growth as Christians. And it's pretty interesting and enlightening.)
  • The Spirit of Islam
  • Chick Publications (an overload of helpful information that will minister to you, help you minister to others and tackle some tough questions.)
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